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山陰の美、 石見銀山、松江の人間性、 日本海、 気候、
ドン・チッチ、浜田の厳島神社、たたら、 石見銀山に関する資料、湯浅、年子記念行事

  A beautiful garden in Masuda, Shimane Prefecture

Purpose: The essays collected here were written by Y. Asano in order to
introduce the District, 'San-In' which has been obscure for foreigners as well
as for Japanese mostly due to the inconvenient transportation system.
Exceptions are, perhaps, Lafcadio Hearn and Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine which has
been listed as a world heritage recently. The author, however, believes the true
beauty of Japan is found in this remote area and it is worth visiting at the cost of
inconvenience. Therefore, the author has tried to produce material which may help
assist those who dare to visit the area. These essays are just product of an
individual, very subjective. The author does not claim its accuracy.
  However he welcomes any criticism which may be adopted to correct inaccuracy
in the material. He also welcomes any criticism or comments on grammatical or
idiomatic errors in English, as he is not a native English speaker. (Actually the
author is very grateful to Aaron E. Keys  and Heather Dixon who
kindly read the first part of these essays and gave suggestions,
which I followed.)
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Since May 6 08


0. Beauty of San-In

1. Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mine

2.People in Matsue

3. The Sea

4. Climate

5. Don-chitchi

6 Itsukushima-shrine in Hamada

7. Tatara

8. Material for Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

9. Toshiko Yuasa Laboratory Ceremony