5. Don-Chitchi Display-Clock Tower in Hamada

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              A large gadget starts playing on the hour on a display-clock
tower situated in the square in front of the JR Hamada Station. First,
the top roof stretches itself upward making room underneath for three
stages located vertically: the bottom, middle and top ones. On each of
the three stages, puppets play mythical dance typical of Iwami District
(Kagura) in slow movement. The bottom stage shows the orchestra, two
drummers, a flutist and a percussionist, playing a characteristic melody
of Kagura, which mimics the sound e Don-Chitchi e which constitutes
this districtfs catch phrase. On the middle stage, a warrior fights a
big Python (Yamata no Orochi), with the Python breathing forth a white
puff every now and then, and on the top stage the close-up view is played
of the Python moving its tail and stretching its neck. The play and music
last for about five minutes. You thus encounter the first welcome by the
Kagura , based on the well-known myth in the Iwami District, which is most
frequently spoken of and shown in this district.